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peeling hydrogen Yoshida is an innovative device that combines the most effective technologies to revitalize the skin. P>

The apparatus comprises:

peeling hydrogen purifying water spray

radio head
cold heat P>

Peeling hydrogen P>

The use of hydrogenation water technology provides opportunities for not only cleansing, but also anti-aging. Additional hydrogen molecule is captured on a skin surface of free molecules of oxygen (free radicals), and combined in a molecule of water, is harmless to the skin and body. Carrying out this procedure will give a series of spectacular effects rejuvenation, skin lightening. With special endings cleaning effect is very accurate, and the treatment can be carried out even on the delicate and sensitive skin. It is a true revolution in the cosmetic market. P>

Water Purification P>

In the case where no turn on the options of water in the hydrogenation apparatus, peeling may be performed by means of water suction function. It is recommended to use mineral water. Purification is an accurate hygienic way to remove dead skin cells. P>

Spray P>

This function allows the spray to apply the active ingredients on the skin in a very hygienic and comfortable way. With this function, the preparation is applied evenly and in sufficient quantity. P>

Ultrasound P>

In a next step we use high-frequency ultrasound. The device controls the amount and depth of incorporation of active substances to the skin. Ultrasound causes better skin hydration, nourishment and its regeneration. Formulations reach the deep layers of the skin, it prevents the escape of active substances. P>

radio waves P>

Use of radio waves leads to the formation of endogenous heat in the skin, heating the collagen and elastin fibers to a temperature of 45-57 degrees Celsius. As a result, the fibers are shorter, giving the effect of non-surgical skin lifting. Radio waves stimulate the growth of fibroblasts, so that the skin thickens and reduces the visibility of the problem of erythema. A choice of three different types of wave power and the operation of the head. P>

Head cold heat P>

The technology uses temperature change in the head. In setting option to select cooling or heating. Hot head temperature range is 40-55 degrees Celsius temperature range in the head cold is 15-20 degrees Celsius. Hammer warm - cold stimulates the skin to function better, improves skin condition and stimulates blood vessels to work. This reduces problems with erythema, blood vessels harden and cool the skin after surgery stimulating strong at the beginning of treatment or to expand the pores and warm up the tissue with the help of masks disintegrants. P>

combination of all the technologies included in the device allows for comprehensive revitalization of the skin and postoperative spectacular effects. P>

Technical specifications: P>

Rated voltage / power AC 100-120V 220-240V AC ~ ~
operating frequency of 50 / 60Hz
rated power 190W
Measurement (LxWxH) 61 * 41 * 90.1cm
weight 50Kg < / P>


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