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Waxing Set

The set includes:

  • multifunctional heater
  • azulene tin wax 400 ml
  • natural wax roller  100 ml
  • azulene wax roller ( narrow roll) 100 ml
  • 10ml after depilation ampoule  - 2 pcs
  • after depilation oil  100 ml
  • 100 m strips

Multifunctional heater DEPILFLAX 100

  • Multifunction heater for heating wax cartridges and tins of wax.
  • The heater is safe and easy to use. It heats up the wax rollers in a  short time. It can heat three standard cartridges (110g roll cartridges,100ml cartridges with a cut and 400/500 ml tin wax).
  • Included:
    • Base
    • power cable
    • instruction
    • warranty
  • Specifications:
    • AC 220-230V / 50-60 Hz
    • power 235 W
    • has two regulation of temperature to 85 ° C - wax refills to 120 ° C - wax in a tin
    • packaging dimensions 28 x 24 x17
    • the weight of packaging 2.3 kg
    • the amount of packaging 1
    • manufacturer company MayStar.

 DEPILUX BLUE azulene tin wax

  • It contains chamomile and has a soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Perfect for sensitive skin prone to irritation.
  • Capacity: 400 ml
  • Ingredients : natural beeswax, resin ester of glycerol, titanium dioxide, antioxidants, dyes, fragrances

DEPILFLAX 100 Ampoules

  • Ampoules for use between hair removal treatments. They weaken the hair roots slowing their growth and they soothe irritation and redness of the skin. They are ideal for sensitive skin prone to allergies. The ampoule should be massaged into the skin with circular movements after depilation.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Capacity: 10 ml
  • Ingredients: chamomile extract, urea, allantoin, lemon balm, yarrow.
  • Manufacturer company: MayStar.

After depilation oil

  • It helps remove waxy residue from the skin. It moisturizes the skin, soothes and reduces discomfort after waxing.
  • Fleece hair removal strips  without perforation 100m. Much better than cotton strips as wax  sticks better to them and it is peeled off evenly.

Depilatory wax roll 100ml: 

  • natural wax roller
  • azulene wax roller ( narrow roller)

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